Steady Health – Reception “wall”

Architect Chloe Blain was tasked by the founders of Steady Health to creating welcoming office space featuring a custom divider to separate the reception from the office.  The divider and reception desk needed to let in light from the windows in the communal office, but still provide privacy. Adding to her challenge the historic San Francisco building would not allow for any “built in” so nothing could be attached to the building.

  • Solid White Oak – milled down to 1.5″ by 1″ “baguettes”
  • Finished in Rubiomonocoat – Smoke


Chloe’s design was made real by Henry Leggett who thoughtfully divided the walls into manageable pieces providing easier for moving, and taking minimal on site time to assemble ~ that means one full day to deliver join and “fit” into place.  Keeping in mind nothing could be attached to the building.  Henry and Chloe collaborate and height, joinery, and finish to ensure the architect and business owners got the look they wanted in a buildable, moveable, furniture pieces.

The desk – CNC cut from a sheet of white Oak hand-edgebanded to fit perfectly inside the separate curved wood face – rests on an adjustable sitting to standing desk stand. The result is a stand alone desk, wrapped in the same white oak baguettes for a classic hidden look with sitting and standing function.



Chloe’s wave patter added stability to the tall narrow solid wood panels, and the heavy solid wood panels joined together create the right mix of solid and see through.

The tops and bottoms where CNC-ed to match the architects measurement exactly and joined with the Festool Domino joinery kit.

CNC oak curves.jpg

Solid Oak milled and CNC’ed to maximize yield and ensure the perfect curve and fit.

View from the back…


What do you think of my design?

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